HELP! I’ve Got Old Warrants!

You’re minding your own business when you find out there’s a warrant for your arrest for something that happened 5, 10 or even 20 or more years ago.  This nightmare is becoming more and more common as courts try to clear out old cases.  What happened?  It could be anything from a traffic ticket to a felony.  Maybe it’s mistaken identity, maybe it’s a court summons you never received or forgot about or tried to ignore.  Sometimes, particularly in smaller jurisdictions, you may make arrangements to pay off a ticket but the warrant is never withdrawn.  Whatever the case, you need to take action and QUICKLY!  Hopefully, you were lucky enough to find out about the warrant without getting arrested.  If it’s a traffic ticket, law enforcement may let you go with a warning, but generally they don’t have the discretion to do anything but arrest you if they see you have outstanding warrants.  Thanks to computers and the internet, any officer who pulls you over for speeding anywhere will be able to tell if you have warrants out.  You need to contact an attorney immediately so he can find out why you’re wanted, who wants you, and what it will take to get them off your back.  The lawyer or a bondsman can help you post bond to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of getting arrested on a decades-old warrant.


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