Monthly Archives: October 2012

DPS Shoots At SUSPECTED Illegal Aliens FROM A HELICOPTER, Leaving Two Dead

This is appalling.  This really ought to scare the hell out of anyone and everyone.  What’s next, drone strikes?  Incidentally, it’s against to law to hunt animals from helicopters in Texas; that should tell you something right there. Advertisements

Unexpected Consequences?

The City of Cleburne just settled a lawsuit filed by an innocent man who was tazed by Cleburne PD for refusing to exit his vehicle after a crash…because he was in diabetic shock.  I have long complained that law enforcement seems to have developed a “taze first and ask questions later” policy.  This is a […]

Indian Child Welfare Act and the Supreme Court

An important case involving the Cherokee Nation and the Indian Child Welfare Act is being appealed to the United States Supreme Court from South Carolina.  Indians tend to fare pretty badly in the Supreme Court, particularly in the last 30-40 years.  Hopefully, this time the Justices will instead do the right thing and preserve and […]

The Issue No One Is Talking About

Neither of the major presidential candidates are saying a word about our broken criminal justice system, the  utter failure of the “war” on drugs, the ongoing erosion of our civil liberties in the name of “safety” or the growing power of the prison/industrial complex.