Unexpected Consequences?

The City of Cleburne just settled a lawsuit filed by an innocent man who was tazed by Cleburne PD for refusing to exit his vehicle after a crash…because he was in diabetic shock.  I have long complained that law enforcement seems to have developed a “taze first and ask questions later” policy.  This is a perfect example.  The taser was originally introduced and marketed specifically as an “alternative to deadly force.”  Nowadays, however, they are used as compliance devices, for punishment or as human cattle prods.  There have been hundreds of documented deaths caused by taser use in the United States.  They are not toys and their use should be just as circumscribed as the use of firearms by the police.


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  1. Concerned citizen · · Reply

    That will teach him to drive a car on a public street and go into shock. The nerve of some people. Good thing he didn’t have a heart attack, they might have shot him!

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