Monthly Archives: January 2013

Seven Year Old In Handcuffs?

At first blush, this appears to be a very serious abuse of authority by the NYPD.  It is hard to imagine circumstances that would warrant restraining a non-violent child that young, much less submitting him to interrogation for four hours. Advertisements

Filming/Photographing the Police Is NOT Against the Law

A timely article from a photography blog about the law governing filming/photographing of police performing their duties.  Citizens armed with camera phones are potentially a strong deterrent to police misconduct and abuse.

DPS Trooper Faces Termination Over Illegal Body Cavity Search

This trooper really ought to face criminal prosecution, though I have little faith that will happen.  At least this is one instance in which police officers may face some sort of consequence for abusing their authority.  Instances like this are precisely why we have a Fourth Amendment in the first place.

Dirty Little Secrets of the Legal System

Yes, this is from a humor website, but it’s hard to argue most of the points, particularly with regard to line-up identifications.

How Do I Make Bond?

Under the US Constitution, courts may set reasonable bail in order to make sure a criminal defendant appears in court.  Typically, someone who is arrested will be taken before a magistrate and bond will be set.  Depending on the county, either an attorney or a bail bondsmen can make bond for a criminal defendant.  You […]