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Slamming the Courthouse Door

Mandatory arbitration clauses allow corporations and big banks to circumvent the 7th Amendment with private bought-and-paid-for judges. Advertisements

Meanwhile, in Texas…

The State is suing injured workers to recover workers compensation payments and the rabidly anti-worker Texas Supreme Court is helping them.

Jury Reform

An article from The Atlantic on the growing problem of people skipping jury service and some proposals for change. I agree this is a problem, and some of the ideas presented are worth considering, but I’m VERY leery of things like “streamlining” voir dire. This critical portion of trial is already so “streamlined” in some […]

Legal Shakedown

Hidden video shows a Georgia judge threatening Defendants with jail time if they cannot pay fines and court costs.

Watch The Skies

North Dakota has enacted a law allowing the police to use armed drones. Armed. Drones.

CPS Neglect Leads to Tragedy

A heartbreaking story from San Bernadino, California of CPS incompetence, neglect and abuse.

Native Land Rights

Fascinating article about the Tsilhqot’in Nation’s successful court fight to save most of their traditional land in British Columbia.