Many courts are now refusing to sign agreed orders that don’t provide for some amount of child support, even if the parents have agreed to a shared custody arrangement where the children spend equal amounts of time with each parent. Judges are required to consider the “best interest” of the children and many judges feel […]

“How can you represent guilty people?” is a question I get from time-to-time from non-lawyer friends, or even lawyer friends who don’t do criminal defense work. The short answer is, “I don’t decide who’s guilty; juries do.” The long answer is, after fifteen years of this I’ve represented a fair number of people who “everyone […]

In paternity or child support cases, the Attorney General does not represent you or the child. By the Texas Constitution, the Attorney General can only represent the State of Texas. If you want your rights protected, you’ll need your own lawyer to advise and help you.

More shocking allegations of prisoner abuse and neglect. Let’s be clear: this has NOTHING to do with being “tough on crime” and everything to do with being brutal and inhumane.

Hard to tell who to root for in this fight, but the allegations of ex parte contact with a judge are disturbing.

…unless they shoot first.  Imagine the kind of mindset that lead to this even being an issue in the first place…

Disturbing article from the Guardian (UK) on the use of excessive bail to force criminal defendants to accept plea bargains.  In America.  The country where “reasonable bail” is a Constitutional right.  This story focuses on New York but comes as no surprise to any lawyer who has dealt with the criminal justice system.  Here in […]